Reiki Level Two

Following on from the Earth Light Reiki Level One Attunement this workshop focuses on deepening your experience where you will expand your techniques, have an introduction to the sounds and language of Reiki (Light Language) and work alongside the Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides in a healing environment to develop your own unique abilities even further.

This workshop enhances and deepens your Reiki ability, you will learn the Reiki Symbols and you will be able to send Reiki distantly (anywhere in the world), forward or back in time, or to a situation. Your training will allow you to become a professional Reiki Practitioner should you choose to be.

This Reiki workshop comes in two parts – an initial workshop with your Reiki Master Teacher followed by case studies and assignments to complete (no time limit to finish these so you can go at your own pace).

Once these have been completed a following 1-2-1 session (fees may apply please check with your Reiki Teacher) to complete your training and receive your Reiki Practitioner’s certificate will be required, after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a therapist (professional insurance required).

Teachers offering workshops

Sue Benford from Pathways to Healing –

Caroline Sharp from Ascending Angels –