Welcome to Earth Light Reiki™

The natural Earth Light way.

Welcome to Earth Light Reiki – a new approach to healing!

Reiki has been given, received and taught for thousands of years around the world with Usui Reiki being the most well-known, originating in Japan over 100 years ago. It has been passed down via direct lineage to Dr Usui by Reiki Masters adhering to the original symbols, hand placements and teachings.

Today we offer you Earth Light Reiki – a new way of encompassing natural intuitive abilities with traditional energy healing blessed through the lineage of the Ascended Masters. It is described as Earth Light as it recognises and honours both our physical or Earthly self and also our spiritual or Light self, combining the two as one and integrating these completely.

Earth Light Reiki is a journey to our Earth core or heart in which we step through energetically and awaken our Earth Light energy to encourage our own unique healing/channelling ability to awaken.  It is a deeply powerful experience and can create some quite dramatic shifts of consciousness. Earth Light Reiki not only brings a new quality of balance to your life and harmony (or oneness) with Earth it also guides you to explore your own inner master, inner teacher, inner therapist and empower your own life accordingly.

Earth Light Reiki was channelled to Caroline and Donna of Ascending Angels with the love-light of the Ascended Masters who, with an attunement, opened a gateway through the core heart of Gaia (our Earth) to awaken our natural knowledge of Earth’s healing energy that we call Reiki.

Earth Light Reiki opens you to the entire energy field of healing, so that you may channel the energy, sound, language and all aspects of Reiki enhancing your own beautiful natural healing abilities, raising you to your highest potential as a Reiki/Energy Healing Therapist.

Each of us are born with the ability to heal, to connect to the energy that is known as ‘Reiki’ and channel this positive healing vibration to anyone, anything and any situation. Yet, we forget through our own life experiences that we have this ability. As babies we realise that we are not omnipotent, that we cannot control our experiences and we lose the memory of how to create and how to use the wonderful energy of Reiki. In the past many teachers have believed they hold the power, the key, to unlocking this transformative energy from within their students and students have believed that their teachers or masters are more enlightened, more knowledgeable than them.  

The energy that we describe as Earth Light Reiki is already flowing through you. All the teacher/facilitator/experience creates is the consciousness awakening to this belief.  We are all healing masters, we all have the power to make positive transformations to our lives. We can all use this purely positive energy to release old perceived wounds and feel whole again. 

We invite you to listen to the Earth Light Reiki meditation, to feel the energy awakening from within. Perhaps allow the Reiki energy to grow organically through you or enrol in a workshop and learn how to use the energy in our world, connecting with others and exploring how you can work as a therapist in a ‘safe’ environment. The workshops we provide are created to give you the freedom to experience how empowered you are just for yourself or to share Earth Light Reiki with your family, friends and pets. If you choose to train further we provide you with the knowledge you will need to be recognised as a ‘professional’ therapist. The choice is yours, as experienced teachers and therapists we are simply here to support you on your own unique journey and are humbled by you choosing to share this with us as you recognise how you channel the light for growth and positive empowerment.