Our Story

The Creation of Earth Light Reiki™

Caroline Sharp woke up one night in 2010 following a vivid dream in which she was sitting and talking with Dr Mikao Usui (the founder of Usui Reiki dating back to 1922). He wanted to share with her a new concept of Reiki more relevant to the world we live in today and asked her to share this with the world.

This is her understanding of the guidance she received:

Dr Usui was an ordinary man, he lived, he grew spiritually, he introduced Reiki as he knew it in the early 1920s. Reiki has now grown and has exceeded any expectation that he had for it. Due to its now immense energy Dr Usui as a spirit, a Being, has ascended and is now recognised and accepted as an Enlightened One, an Ascended Master. In this realm he now connects to us, he connects in the presence and with the energy of all Ascended Masters. He connects with new words of Reiki.

Reiki as an energy is a language, a code of energy. At present here on Earth we use and work with 5 symbols, 5 words, yet these are only 5 words of an entire language of Universal Life Force Healing. We are now ready to absorb, channel and express the entire language. We are now able to bring forth all of the Reiki energy and all of its power for enlightenment, for growth, for whatever is required to fully integrate into our light presence here on Earth.

When I visualise this, I see a tiny torch light currently shining through Earth, where in reality there could be a huge flood light as big as the sun shining through us. It is like removing blinkers and the expanse being immense with bright white healing energy flowing from us in all directions.

So I have facilitated a new kind of learning, to bring forth new Reiki Masters who will teach these new ways of energy healing including ancient techniques for anyone who feels ready and wishes to receive this training. You will be able to incorporate this new Reiki, derived from the original form of Reiki for your own healing, your therapy practice or your teachings.

Earth Light Reiki™ is suitable for everyone regardless of your previous healing experience from complete beginners to Master Teachers of other healing or Reiki modalities.

The Guided Message Caroline received

Reiki, your Earth light energy. This is the healing light of the centre of inner Earth. It is brought into your being through your planet Earth and as you channel this healing energy it awakens Earth into her own light presence.

We, the Ascended Masters have chosen to show and share the knowledge of how to awaken and channel Earth’s inner light power to many of you. Some have shared this knowledge with others and so a process has begun.

The process of awakening Reiki to you has been a slow one. Your Earth being Mikao Usui was a founder of this light knowledge and began a tradition of healing one’s disharmony using Earth’s inner light, Reiki. In his moments of clarity Usui created many healing codes, 5 of these healing codes are still in circulation today. These healing codes hold patterns of consciousness that are keys to awakening this Earth light inner power within all of Earth’s conscious living beings. Many of you have received these keys and awakened your deep connection to Earth and her inner light. In this process you have begun a journey of enlightenment, a journey to explore the Light Universe in the safe arms of Mother Gaia, Earth’s Light consciousness.

There are hundreds and thousands of you Earth Beings now who have chosen to connect to Earth by accepting these Reiki codes and channelling this, her Earth Light energy. In this process you are helping Earth on her journey of Ascension, you are helping Earth to awaken more of her own light consciousness and step into her power as Mother Gaia. In this Earth can transform and become fully integrated into the Light Universe. As the number of Earth Light workers continue to grow, as you continue to walk a journey of inner enlightenment you aid Earth in her journey of multi-dimensionalisation to return to pure light source, to creation itself.

Mikao Usui thanks you for your trust and faith in the Reiki that he channelled from light. As your number has risen in the honouring of Mikao Usui he has also risen and now sits as an Ascended Master. It is from this space that he connects to you now, with us, the Ascended Masters, to bring you more truth and knowledge of Reiki and how to expand your connection to such.

(St Germain. 5/4/10)

Enlightened Earth beings, once I lived on your planet, I meditated on Earth in wonderment of her glory, her magnificent creation, I meditated on the beauty of Earth, her power of life and also her destruction of death. Whilst in contemplative meditation I received many codes, words or keys in which 5 are still practiced in their original form today. These codes are simply 5 words of the inner Earth language, it is the language of Earth’s inner light, a doorway to pure light consciousness, to God, to the Elohim. Now, with the assistance of the Ascended Masters we wish to awaken the knowledge from within you of this entire language. You are ready, Earth is ready to receive this huge awakening, to take a leap forward on its journey of Ascension. 

(Dr MikaoUsui. 5/4/10)

So what is this Reiki? Let me now explain more; creation, source, God-light, whatever you wish to call the essence of pure divinity is the core of all life. Therefore in the core of your being there is a seed of God, a seed of creation. In the core of Earth there is a seed of God. These seeds connect each and every thing to God, to pure source light. The seed acts as a doorway or portal to this the centre of the Universe. Therefore when we open this door we expand light through it, we harness this light and use it to create. If you are working as a healer you expand your light to create a healing experience to your recipient or yourself. If you are working as a manufacturer you expand your light to create an object. With everything that you do you use this inner light, the more you trust yourself the greater your inner power, the greater your ability to create. 

This creation is simply by opening your own inner doorway. Yet you are also connected to a planet, to Earth, and Earth is a living being and also has a seed, a doorway. So when you choose to connect to Reiki you are connecting to and using Earth’s doorway to God-light. In this process you are beginning a journey of trusting Earth, trusting Reiki. The more you trust the greater the energy you can channel and receive. 

Our aim is for you to begin the process of transformation, to shift your consciousness so that you recognise Mother Gaia. Earth is in each and every living cell of your body. By doing this you are recognising the light within your physical being. When you do this you can begin the process of awakening or opening your own doorway or portal to God-light consciousness, integrating your light body fully into your physical presence. In this we now give you or awaken within you full knowledge of Earth’s energy. We give to you the light codes of Reiki, the language of Reiki, we open and expand the narrow band of light that you have been channelling to its widest berth in order that you can fully harness the power, the energy, the magnitude of Reiki in her fullest capacity and take a huge leap on your journey of Ascension.

Step forth and receive the new words, release the patterning of the past, release your beliefs of what a healer is so that we can create new pathways within. You will step onto a new journey of Enlightenment, a journey which can transform your life, transform your understanding of Earth, of the Universe, transform how you choose to exist and what you choose to create. 

(Sanat Kumara 5/4/10)