Earth Light Reiki™ is taught in three levels or degrees, each one strengthening the connection with the ‘Universal Life Energy’ and gives the practitioner more knowledge and ability.  With each level, instruction is given on how to work with the Reiki healing energy, the student also receives an attunement or initiation. This is where the teacher directs energy into the student’s body to awaken or reconnect the healing energy from the universe into their body, giving them the ability to channel and connect with this energy at any time.

Blessed through the lineage of the Ascended Masters we are delighted to share with you this new energy of Earth Light Reiki™ which recognises and honours both our physical or Earthly self and also our spiritual or Light self, combining the two as one and integrating these completely.

As you progress through the Levels/Degrees you will be awakened more and more to the energetic Light Codes and will feel more connected to the ‘oneness’ in the world – to each other, the animal kingdom and our planet Gaia!

You may decide that you would only like to use Reiki for yourself, your family, friends and pets and Reiki Level I will cover this.

If you decide that you would like to train further and maybe consider becoming a Practitioner or incorporating Reiki into your own therapy business then Reiki Level II is for you.

Master Practitioner Level III (A) is for those wishing to deepen their experience still further. You will be guided to activate more fully to the energetic light codes of Reiki. You will also explore coaching and counselling skills to deepen your therapy practice

For those wishing to teach Reiki there is the Master Teacher Level III (B).

Teachers offering workshops

Sue Benford from Pathways to Healing –

Caroline Sharp from Ascending Angels –