Going forward

During the time from the creation of Earth Light Reiki in 2010, Caroline and Donna ran a number of Earth Light Reiki workshops and courses, inspiring many people to the natural light way of channelling the loving energy of Reiki.

Caroline took a break from teaching Reiki in 2012 to 2016 to raise her young family, during this time Donna was diagnosed with cancer and also took a break from teaching.

On returning to work in 2016 Caroline reconnected with Marisa Bailey to collaborate on the Reiki Babies project. After realising how valuable Reiki is in the family home, especially for mums and babies, Caroline recognised that Reiki could have a powerful and positive impact on the well being of the family unit as a whole. Marisa had previous worked with Donna on this project and was keen to continue sharing the Reiki love to families.

At this time Caroline also reconnected with Sue Benford, Sue had trained in Earth Light Reiki many years before with Caroline and Donna and felt inspired to return to teaching Reiki. Both Caroline and Sue felt drawn to collaborate on developing Earth Light Reiki together, they established a connection with the UK Reiki Federation and began working on providing an option within the Earth Light Reiki course for it to be aligned with the National Occupational Standards for Reiki.

During this time Sue also felt inspired to learn the Trust Technique, with a natural affinity and passion for animals Sue was keen to develop her healing skills for animals as well as people.

In 2017 Caroline received a call from Karen Clarke, she was interested in Reiki for her daughters and wanted to arrange an appointment. At the first session her daughter was feeling uncertain of Reiki and the concept of a strange lady channelling healing. Caroline encouraged Karen to place her hands on her daughter and Caroline channelled the energy through Karen, this her daughter loved. Karen could feel this beautiful energy flowing through her and was immediately interested in learning more.

Karen trained with Caroline and found that as she developed her Reiki skills that this enhanced and empowered a natural connection to animals. As a dog walker and dog trainer Karen found she could communicate with the dogs she met and help them to feel less anxious, calmer and more settled with their owners.

One Monday morning in June 2019, Caroline, Karen, Marisa and Sue met to discuss Reiki. They realised during this meeting that Earth Light Reiki had become a passion for them, to share, to teach, to inspire and to bring healing. By combining their unique skillsets they could offer comprehensive and expansive workshops and courses.